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Vidya Yoga and Fitness

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Having personally experienced the benefits of hot yoga, owners Ashley and Nate Davis sought to bring a hot yoga and boutique fitness studio to Northeast Tennessee, in an effort to provide the ultimate yoga and fitness experience.
Our goal is to provide everyone who walks into VIDA with a fitness experience that is challenging, but approachable, in an environment that celebrates each individual for showing up and striving to improve their health and fitness.

Our signature class, Hot Power Yoga, fuses the meditative movements of vinyasa yoga with strength, balance, and alignment.

Our music is loud, our flows are intense. We intelligently sequence and design our classes so that you experience a full-body cardio and strength-building workout that also acts as a moving meditation to help clear your mind and promote stress relief.

Yoga is for everyone, so all of our classes are designed for everyone. We offer modifications and advancements in each and every class so that the Beginner and Advanced practitioner can practice simultaneously.

Get on your mat, get out of your head, join our cOMmunity, and #stayhumbleflowhard.


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