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Hook and Ladder Distillery

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Nestled in the heart of Tennessee’s “Model City,” Kingsport, you’ll discover Hook and Ladder Distillery. This family-owned and operated distillery creates moonshine that’s smooth enough to enjoy straight up or mixed into your favorite cocktail.

Hook & Ladder Distillery is the realization of a lifetime’s worth of hard work and dedication.

While most people are still figuring out their lives at the age of seventeen, Drew Draper had already stumbled upon what would become his lifelong passion: distilling moonshine. Over the next few years, he earned a degree in International Business, recorded music in Nashville, and started up a family with wife Amber; all the while quietly perfecting his recipe.

When he turned twenty-one, moonshine was legalized in the state of Tennessee. Drew approached his dad, a decorated Senior Captain with Kingsport Fire Department, about opening up a distillery in Downtown Kingsport. Thankfully, Dad seemed eager enough to help out, so the duo established Hook and Ladder Distillery, a name intended to honor firefighters all across the country.


The best way to find out what our spirits taste like is by coming in for a tasting experience!  Stop on over at Hook and Ladder Distillery in Downtown Kingsport, Tennessee, where you can grab some free samples, then purchase your favorite spirits as well as some branded merchandise.

Here at Hook and Ladder Distillery, we hope the smooth burn of our white lightning will be felt far and wide for years to come. Come explore our flavors now and discover the taste of Tennessee!


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